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    Registered Therapist Serving the Slocan Valley

  • Providing Restorative Therapeutic Treatments in a Professional Setting 


    "Hi Jessica; I feel good/better/a new man/a new old man/whatever, after today's massage… thanks." -D.A.

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    Jessica Coonen RMT

    Graduate of the Kootenay Columbia Collage of Massage Therapy in Nelson B.C.

    Jessica is a passionate advocate of healing recovery. She believes each person has the ability to access their potential well being. Her treatments are based on her skills, training, and knowledge, applied to an individuals needs. Each client is provided a focused treatment in a quiet clinic space.

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    Restorative Massage Therapy for the Slocan Valley

    Office in Winlaw B.C.

    Located in the heart of the Slocan Valley with easy access and parking. Look for the green heritage home behind the Whole School. On-site/mobile services may be available for clients with limited mobility, palliative clients, and special events.

  • Services

    • Therapeutic Injury Recovery
    • Relaxation/ Self Care
    • Geriatric
    • Palliative

    Initial Treatment

    1 hour 15 min- $100.00

    Jessica will inquire about your concerns and treatment focus areas. A form will be provided requesting your health history and current condition. One hour of hands on treatment will be on the table. Jessica will be assessing you for areas of restriction, imbalance, and misalignment throughout your treatment time. She will follow your treatment plan based on findings and your feedback.

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    Return Visits

    1 hour- $100.00

    Clients returning for follow up treatments will be asked for a description of changes you notice and areas where focused attention may be provided.


    30 min- $50.00

    Half hour treatments are available to focus on specific areas of concern. An extra half hour can also be added to an hour treatment if booked in advance.

    Sliding scale

    $80.00- $100.00/ hour

    A sliding scale can be applied in situations where cost may be prohibitive to treatment. Feel free to ask about this option.

  • Contact Jessica

    Call or Email for questions and booking appointments

    5612 Highway 6 Winlaw BC V0G2J0
    Tuesday-Friday 9:30-2:30
    Contact for possible extended hours availability
    (250) 226-6887
  • What's Happening:

    News from the Heart of the Slocan

    Great gratitude for all those valley folks who were able to bring themselves in to the clinic this past year.  I am honored to have been a part of your journey to maintain, recover, and receive theraputic treatment.  Working with you has been a gift and a joy as we seek to live fully in the...
    I have lived in the Slocan Valley for nine years. You may not have met me yet. I have been focused on my first business of raising four kids. When the youngest (twins) were well established in school I shifted into the study and practice of Massage Therapy. The journey began with a summer course...