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We Have Moved!

I'll meet you at the Sandbox

Shade Tree Massage Therapy clinic office has moved! You may still see sheets hanging on the line in the back yard, but the old office space has been given over to the youth of the house. I am very pleased to be able to open up the office at a new location 2 k North of Winlaw on the Slocan River side, at the Sandbox office space.

6177 Highway 6, Winlaw BC VOG2J0

Driving North of Winlaw, it is the next driveway after Telford Road. Turn across from the "Slow" sign.

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Driving South down Hwy 6, it is the 2nd driveway after you come out of the sharp left turn. If you reached Fomies, you've gone to far.

Pull in and park on the right. The office space is along the river side of the building.